18th April 2019

Sustainability NOW: bee-positive

Bees, together with all pollinating insects, are essential to the future of mankind: they are responsible for pollinating one-third of the food we eat including our […]
18th April 2019

Chamomile: keep calm and carry on….

Chamomylle… is very agreeing unto the nature of man and… is good against weariness… William Turner, herbalist 1551 We thought it would be fun to show […]
18th April 2019

Julie’s story: My biodynamic journey

Julie Moore is our biodynamic kitchen garden expert. She lives with her partner Lee, a talented photographer – many of his pics – including the one […]
27th November 2020

Four Biodynamic Farm Case Studies (session from BDA online conference 2020)

Hear from the farmers and researchers involved in the Four Biodynamic Farm Case Studies project present their findings from this research project supported by Coventry University, […]
27th November 2020

Build Back Better with Biodynamics (session from BDA online conference 2020)

Hear about various different aspects of current biodynamic work from around the UK, and how some responded to the challenges and opportunities of lockdown during 2020. […]
26th November 2020

An Introduction to Biodynamic Gardening (box set of five short videos)

Our Biodynamic Gardening Club has produced an excellent box set of five short videos giving a compete introduction to getting started on mindful biodynamic gardening and […]
29th September 2020

Regenerative Agriculture using Permaculture Design and Biodynamic Farming

Visit Huxhams Cross Biodynamic Farm in South Devon in this short film to see how they use permaculture design with biodynmaic farming to regenerate biodiversity from […]
28th July 2020

Spirit in Agriculture 2020: Biodynamic Farm Individuality

Farmer Henri Murto’s talk at the 2020 Agriculture Conference, about his experience as a biodynamic farmer in northern Finland, and how understanding the biodynamic farm individuality […]