15th April 2020

The Potential Consequences of Human Microwave Radiation on Wildlife

There is currently a lot of hysteria in the media about coronavirus and mobile phone masts. So it is timely that the April 2020 issue of […]
27th March 2020

Biodynamic (Demeter) & Organic Certification Services: Coronavirus Update

Here’s the latest news from our Biodynamic Assocation Certification Team on biodynamic (Demeter) and organic licensing services in response to the current Government COVID-19 restrictions. Farm […]
23rd March 2020

Biodynamic Wine goes Carbon Negative

Hot on the heals of recent research showing how biodynamic farms can be carbon negative, and how biodynamic vinyards can sequester the most carbon too, great […]
24th February 2020

UK Biodynamic Wines set to receive post-Brexit boost?

UK biodynamic wines look set to receive a post-Brexit boost according to a recent survey of wine-trade professionals in Britain. As well as growth for southern […]
15th November 2019

HRH The Prince of Wales speaking about the importance of Biodynamic Farming

In 2017, Britian’s most famous organic farmer, The Prince of Wales, gave the opening address to that year’s International Biodynamic Agriculture Conference in Switzerland. The Prince […]
24th September 2019

Biodynamic Principles and Practices Webinar

Last month, Thea Maria Carlson, Executive Director of the Biodynamic Association in the USA, gave a great webinar on the principles and innovative practices of biodynamics […]
27th June 2019

Restoring Biodiversity on Apricot Lane Biodynamic Farm

Filmmaker John Chester’s family took on farm land that was treated poorly in the past, with chemical spraying that had killed almost all of the biodiversity, […]
19th June 2019

The Biggest Little Biodynamic Farm

Ever wondered what happens when you take a broken-down 200-acre property and set out to transform it into an incredibly lush and diverse biodynamic farm over […]