Plant study days at Weleda, Derbyshire: Aug / Sept 2019 | Biodynamic Association

Plant study days at Weleda, Derbyshire: Aug / Sept 2019

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5th March 2019
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A young woman is collecting berries in the forest

Spend a day in the beautiful Weleda gardens getting to know one of our medicinal plants in depth.
Venue: The Field, Hassocks Lane, Shipley, Derbyshire, DE75 7JH

Dates:   All days run from 10 am to 4 pm
10th August 2019             Book your place online here 
15th September 2019      Book your place online here 

Cost £30 per workshop

Following the ideas of Goethe, we will look at the plant in the living sequence of its movement and transformation from a seed through rooting, leafing and flowering to when it bears seeds itself.

We will participate in detailed observation, sketching, and using our memory to grow the plant in our imagination; in this way, together, we try to relate to its being and gesture (what the plant is telling us) and finally how that may relate to the human being.
We will discover lots of aspects we didn’t know before and forge new connections to the plant world!

Things to bring:

• Your lunch
• A lightweight/folding chair
• A hand-held magnifier (if you have one)
We will be outdoors all day, so please dress accordingly.