1 Unit of Horn Manure
1 Unit of Horn Manure
10th March 2017
1 Unit of Horn Manure
16 Units of Horn Manure
18th April 2017
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120 Units of Horn Manure


Please note that all preparations are vatable at 20% since Jan 4th 2011


Horn Manure is a specially fermented cow manure preparation. It is sprayed towards evening as rough water droplets directly on the soil prior to sowing and planting. It encourages healthy root growth, assists the plant in finding nutrients and mediates the terrestrial forces of life. Under drought situations it encourages deep rooting.
One unit of horn manure (20mls) or one unit of horn silica (1ml) stirred in 10-15 liters (3gals) of water, is enough for one acre. For larger acreages proportionately less horn manure and more water can be used. Full instructions are sent with each order.

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Weight 3100 g