Rudolf Steiner's Agriculture - An Introductory Reader, R Thornton - Smith
Rudolf Steiner’s Agriculture – An Introductory Reader, R Thornton – Smith
10th March 2017
0.5 Unit of Horn Manure
0.5 Unit of Horn Manure
10th March 2017
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Chateau Monty – A Corking Wine Aventure, M Waldin


Top wine critic and author, Monty Waldin, has decided to put his money where his opinionated mouth is and pack it all in to make wine biodynamically in rural France.
He has just over a year to turn 4 hectares into top selling organic wine. Renovating an old cabin on his vineyard so he can babysit his vines 24/7, his only company will be his donkey and occasionally his high maintenance girlfriend Silvana when she jets in from Italy.
Regarded by peers as a bit loopy because of his views about Biodynamics, and even as the enfant terrible of the wine world (he’s upset the establishment for his harsh criticisms of the wine industry), Monty’s nonetheless forged a successful career and written several award-winning books ‘
But now he’s abandoning life behind the laptop for a new one making his own wine in the French Pyrenees

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Review quote, this edition
‘Waldin upped sticks to the Pyrenees…a brave, if slightly bonkers move that’s amusingly captured in this entertaining first person account. A funny, down to earth read.” French Magazine, September 2008
‘His story is informative and fascinating, and it left this reviewer ready to search out biodynamic wines for a tasting.” Kate Turner, for Waterstones Books Quarterly, Winter 2008
Length: 288 pages
Illustration note: Colour & black and white photograph plate sections
ISBN: 9-781-9060-3228-9
Dimensions: 234 x 156mm
Weight: 680g
Binding: Cloth Bound with Jacket

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