Dandelion Cover approx (25cms x 25 cms)
10th March 2017
Biodynamic Farming Practice, Sattler & Wistinghausen
Biodynamic Farming Practice, Sattler & Wistinghausen
10th March 2017
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Ecolibrium Now: The Earth in Balance Supporting Ecocide Law


A book by artists, writers, poets, farmers and others who support the creation of a new international law to protect nature from Ecocide. See

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To rescue our world we need to re-think across the board; different science, different economics, governance that is on our side, humane and sensitive farming and building – and laws that take the biosphere seriously . But above all we need a new mindset – a different attitude: from the vile notion that the Earth is just ‘resource’ to a sense of privilege that we should be a part of such wonders. This book takes a significant step along the way
Colin Tudge
Author of ‘Why Genes are not Selfish and People are Nice’

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