The Essentials of Nutrition
The Essentials of Nutrition, G Schmidt
10th March 2017
Farms of Tomorrow Revisted, T Groh & S McFadden
Farms of Tomorrow Revisted, T Groh & S McFadden
10th March 2017
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Extraordinary Plant Qualities, K Jarvinen & J Bockemuhl


Plants have many qualities that can be harnessed for use in health and beauty products. In the case of biodynamic gardening and agriculture, one of the most important uses of plants is to make spray preparations and compost mixtures in which the various plants can each provide unique benefits.
This beautifully illustrated book considers the qualities of seven plants, showing how their nature and habits relate to the positive characteristics they bring to biodynamic methods. For example, the authors look at how the nettlewith its almost geometrically precise leaf growth and extensive desiccating root systemcan bring order to otherwise chaotic soil decay.
This book offers much to those who are serious about biodynamic methods and about improving the quality of their garden or farm produce.

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Review ‘Colourful paintings accompany each description [and] ideas are presented in a unique and very accessible way. All in all, this is an inspirational book that will be invaluable for students, newcomes and old timers in equal measure. It offers a well-grounded method for learning and at the same time awakens the artist in each of us. No other book about the preparations approaches the subject in quite this way.’ — Bernard Jarman, Star and Furrow, Summer 2006

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