Movement and Rhythms of the Stars A Guide to Naked-Eye Observation of Sun, Moon and Planets Joachim Schultz; Translated by John Meeks
21st April 2022
Bumper Father’s Day Gardening Gift Package
23rd May 2022
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Grow your Garden Father’s Day Gift Package


The Grow your Garden Fathers Day Gift Package is the perfect way to discover all about gardening the biodynamic way today
What you get:
– One-year introductory membership to our popular online Biodynamic Gardening Club
– Copy of our new full-colour guide* on the biodynamic preparations

*abridged and edited from Dorling Kindersley  Biodynamic Gardening


Biodynamic gardening offers a uniquely holistic approach to organic gardening, one that helps you work more in harmony with nature and natural forces in climate-friendly ways that nurture and protect soils, biodiversity, and wildlife. We like to think we grow wellbeing for us, our gardens and the planet, and that it brings   lasting rewards for  garden and gardeners alike

The Biodynamic Gardening club:  Our popular online community where you can learn, share your experiences and discover this more gentle, mindful and enriching way to garden for yourself.  Members benefit from a dedicated Facebook Group, dedicated web resources, regular inspiring webinars and in-person events at special member prices

The NEW Full-Colour Guide to the Biodynamic Preparations
Biodynamic preparations lie at the heart of successful biodynamic farming and gardening. Made from specially prepared natural ingredients, their function is to optimise soil and plant health and vitality.

Our new handy reference guide* explains all about these fascinating ‘vitalisers’ which will help you enrich your soils and grow strong, healthy, nutritious plants and crops.

  • Includes 9 key biodynamic preparations and how to make biodynamic compost
  • Essential know-how of when and how to use them.
  • Beautifully presented, with clear photographs
  • Slim, lightweight, perfect for the potting shed, coffee table or bookshelf
* abridged and edited from Dorling Kindersley  Biodynamic Gardening