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Nature Spirits, R Steiner
10th March 2017
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New Eyes for Plants, M Colquhoun
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Nature Spirits and What they Say, V Weihrauch


Verena Stael von Holstein has learned to see and speak to nature spirits, and through the interviews with with her in this remarkable book, we hear from firespirits, water spirits, a salt spirit, a paper spirit, and many more. These spirits speak about their involvement with nature, and tell of the secrets of the cosmos, and about humankind’s past and future. Through these interviews, the reader enjoys beautiful and often intriguing descriptions of our world.
Translated from the original German publication in the journal Flexburger Hefte, which became a bestseller in Germany.

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Author Bio: Verena Stael von Holstein was born in Rendsburg, Germany. She is married with two children and lives in northern Germany at the watermill depicted in the book.
Editor: Wolfgang Weirauch
Paperback: 236 pages
Publisher: Floris Books (2005)
Dimensions: 9.25 x 6 inches

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