Rudolf Steiner's Agriculture - An Introductory Reader, R Thornton - Smith
Rudolf Steiner’s Agriculture – An Introductory Reader, R Thornton – Smith
10th March 2017
Sensitive Chaos, T Schwenk
Sensitive Chaos: The creation of flowing forms in water and air, T Schwenk
10th March 2017
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Secrets of Metals, W Pelican


Metals are central to human civilization. Used in everything from technology to human bodily processes, we are constantly discovering new metal deposits in the earth, and refining our knowledge and understanding of these precious commodities. In this book, Pelikan discusses the importance of the classic ‘seven metals’ for humankind and nature, in the light of spiritual science. He adopts a phenomenological, Goethean approach, as developed by Rudolf Steiner, and considers the metals’ various effects, including their therapeutic effects.

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Wilhelm Pelikan (1893-1981) was born in the city of Pula, now in Croatia. A chemist by training, for nearly forty years he was a director of laboratories for Weleda in Germany and Switzerland. He died in Arlesheim, Switzerland.

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