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The Biodynamic Farm: Developing a Holistic Organism, Karl Ernst Osthaus


Large scale agriculture tends to view a farm as a means for producing a certain amount of grain, milk or meat. This practical book argues instead for a holistic method of farming: the farm as a living organism. This is the principle of Biodynamic Farming.
The Author, an experienced biodynamic farmer takes a down to earth approach. Based on a example farm of around 60 hectares, he recommends the ideal number of livestock: 12 cows, 4 horses, 6 pigs, 10 sheep & 120 hens. This mix is drawn from Osthaus’s deep understanding of nature, animals, agriculture and the cosmos and from his many years of personal experience as a biodynamic farmer. The result is a healthy balanced and sustainable farm.

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This is an invaluable book for anyone interested in biodynamics or those considering setting up a farm or developing their existing farm with new biodynamic methods.
About the Author
Karl-Ernst Osthaus was born in Germany in 1926. After the war, he became a farmer, practising biodynamics for over 50 years. In his later years, his focus was on seed raising, as well as teaching. He died in 2008.

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