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Single Compost Preparation - Valerian
Single Compost Preparation – Valerian
10th March 2017
The Agriculture Course Koberwitz, Whitsun 1924 Peter Seleg
The Agriculture Course Koberwitz, Whitsun 1924 Peter Seleg
10th March 2017
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The Story of Water, Alick Bartholomew


A rich tapestry that describes the story of water from its many aspects and appearances. It explores the cycles and circulations of water and it importance for life. It helps give a deeper appreciation of water so that we can give it the respect it deserves.

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Detailed Description: Water shapes our landscapes and sustains life on Earth. It also influences our emotions and inspires imagination and creativity. Yet we take it for granted, treating it as a convenience or for cleansing. In this comprehensive new book, Alick Bartholomew argues controversially that water is the medium of communication between all living organisms. He suggests that only through understanding water’s true role in Nature can we begin to live responsibly and sustainably. The book covers all aspects of water, from water in the cosmos and solar system, through the Earth’s water cycles, to water in our bodies and in plants. It goes on to consider the larger picture as well: water’s cosmic role, the memory of water, and its crucial relationship to the quantum field. Finally, the author addresses the future: the global water crisis and how to access the best quality of living water for human health. This is a serious but popularly-written illustrated book which offers an original and fascinating study of water as a vital dimension that interconnects all life on Earth.
‘Alick Bartholomew has done a great service to us all by putting the fundamental issues of water so clearly and lucidly in front of us. His [book] is a perfect guide to show us the way to put right our broken relationship with water. This is one of those rare books which brings science, spirituality and practicality in one integrated whole.’ –Satish Kumar, Editor, Resurgence ‘In a single volume, by analysing and synthesising the insights of recent research into the qualities of water that best support life, Alick has taken us a step closer to answering that most fundamental of questions, ‘What is Life?’!’ –Chris Weedon, Co-founder The Water Association ‘Alick Bartholomew’s new book: ‘The Story of Water: Source of Life’ is a passionate attempt to get us to stop taking water for granted and to give it the attention – and respect and even love – it deserves… ‘The Story of Water’ covers just about everything that you would want, or need, to know about this most precious element. The book is encyclopaedic in scope, testament to Bartholomew’s long and deeply-researched interest in the subject… ‘The Story of Water’ remains a thought-provoking book which should be read widely.’ — Paul Carline, New View, Autumn 2010 ‘In this unique, wide-ranging work, which includes some beautiful colour plates, Bartholomew reiterates the importance and characteristics of water, its purpose in the Cosmos and our solar system, its atmospheric and terrestrial cycles, and its role in nuturing animal and plant life as well as evolutionary progress.’ — Ruth Parnell, Nexus

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