The Return of Frankenstein Food?

Italian winery breaks new ground with biodynamic status
5th August 2020
Biodynamic Wine taking root in Korea
19th October 2020

A new generation of genetic engineering techniques – called GMO 2.0 – are starting to be used to change our food system, but with still unknown consequences are they threat or promise?

The UK Government will continue to regulate (but not ban) older style GMO’s, but Brexit is being used as an excuse to break with the EU and deregulate GMO 2.0. This could mean a new of Frankenstien Foods on supermarket shelves without any pre-market testing, no post-market surveillance and, crucially, no labelling for consumers to choose not to buy it.

Pat Thomas, co-founder of Beyond GM recently told members of our Biodynamic Gardening Club why we should be concerned.

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