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Round Table Discussion Groups

Biodynamic Association Conference and AGM 2019: 26/27 October, Stourbridge
17th June 2019
Kiss the Ground – what is biodynamics?
22nd June 2017

D1: Preparations work / Preps groupare you making the biodynamic preparations? Discussion of quality development, the challenges and supply. Also discuss best practice for on-farm use of the preparations to share with those converting to biodynamics.

D2: Peppers and other Field Researchcreating a group to take field labs and peppers field research further.

D3: Relating to Nature Spiritsdiscuss how our understanding and work with elementals can support biodynamics and a regenerative approach to supporting the planet and agriculture – would a national group be good?

D4: Seed growing and savingbuilding support and expertise for seeds and the Seed Cooperative – would seed saving groups and workshops be good?

D5: Arable crops & cereals for bread forming a sharing group for cereal growers about all the technicalities, saving and sharing seed etc (possibly in connection with a millers and baker group).

D6: Supply Chainsbuilding associative roundtable work on supply-chains. Developing a shared and supportive approach to getting biodynamic produce to consumers.

D7: BD UK Research Group – Experimental Circledeveloping a concerted BD research network in the UK – who, what, where and when! Including the Experimental Circle.

D8: Home Gardening the BD Gardening Club & Local Groupsenthusing gardening groups in the context of the online Bodynamic Gardening Club & connecting local groups.

D9: Vineyard / Wine groupgathering forces and connections for a UK biodynamic wines and vineyards group.

D10: Fruit and Veg group working with market gardening – fruit and veg at large scale – looking at creating /developing a working group.

D11: Biodynamics with Education / Therapybringing together all aspects of therapeutic gardening and farming work – sharing successes and developments. Would a working group be good?

D12: Animal husbandry and Dairysharing dairy and livestock questions and good practice – would a working group be helpful in sharing this? Online or face to face in the future?

D13: Youth Group / Millennial Biodynamics / BINGgeneration z, millennials and other next generations, how do we, the BDA, support and enable new farmers and new biodynamic enthusiasm?

D14: Training and courseslooking to develop a strong group to help support this ongoing work and get more people involved in training and more students on the biodynamic courses.

D15: Initiatives space – let us know if you wish to faciliate a group on a theme not mentioned above! Email the BD Office.