Seven Day Introduction to Biodynamics: March – July, Lauriston Farm,Essex

The Alchemists – a film by Frigyes Fogel and Christopher Mann
18th January 2017
Why cows have horns
24th January 2017

Seven Day Introduction to Biodynamics is back!

A farm based, comprehensive course for beginners to Biodynamics covering all the basics with lectures in the morning and practical work in the afternoon. We hope by the end of the course you will be able to apply Biodynamics in your situation.

Spencer Christy, Biodynamic farmer and gardener with fourteen years experience, hosts the course with help from farm co-workers and volunteers. Guest lecturers include the Seed Co-Operative and Patrick Dixon, actor and Anthroposophical researcher.

Running on seven Saturdays spaced three to four weeks apart from March to July 2017 we will move from spring to summer and the lambing season into mid-Summer.

The course starts on Saturday March 11th with a warm welcome and an exploration of the concept of the farm organism followed by a full walk around the farm.  The following six days follow with a gap of three to weeks between them with the whole course ending on Saturday July 15th with a day devoted to the honey bee.

Total cost for the seven days is £300 with individual days available at £50 each. We have ample parking and can arrange lifts to and from Witham station which is forty five minutes from Liverpool Street station in London.

Full information available at

Contact: Spencer Christy, Lauriston Farm, Goldhanger, Essex CM9 8AH. Tel: 01621 788348,

2017 Course Content

Saturdays, 10am to 5pm, bring and share lunches

11th March

Welcome! Orientation day.  Farm individuality

Farm walk, soil testing and Goethean observation

1st April

Horn Manure and Horn Silica Preparations

The cow, stirring and spraying horn manure

22nd April

The Compost Preparations

Esoteric chemistry and building a heap

13th May

Seeds (Seed Co-Operative)

Making potting mix, planting seeds

3rd June 

The Planting Calendar

Learning to read and understand the calendar

17th June 

Farm Animals

Health and welfare, handling sheep and lambs

15th July

Honey Bees (Patrick Dixon)

The honey bee crisis and the opportunity for humanity, pollen walk with bee wonder

About the Farm
Situated right on the Blackwater Estuary, just outside Goldhanger, Lauriston Farm’s 225 acres are managed using Biodynamic techniques and philosophy inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s agriculture lectures from 1924. The farm is home to rare breed cattle and sheep, bee hives, laying hens, vegetables and woodland. Eighty-five percent of the farm is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Within this, there are also two listed ancient monuments.