Origins of biodynamic farming: six things you probably didn’t know!

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22nd May 2020
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10th June 2020

If you enjoyed our ‘Ten things worth knowing about biodynamic farming‘ by Elisabeth Winkler a few years back, then you’ll probably share our fascination with this recent article entitled six things about biodynamics you probably didn’t know!

New research from the University of Tasmania into the history of biodynamics has come up with some really interesting observations.

For example, did you know that Rudolf Steiner only reluctantly agreed to give the famous series of lectures due to ill health, and the 111 people present (including nine priests) had to sign the 1924 equivilant of an NDA!

Although none of the original attendees were from the UK, it was Lord Northbourne in his 1940 book on biodynamics who introduced the term ‘organic’ farming to the world, which in turn inspired Eve Balfour, who quoted Northbourne extensively, to found of the Soil Association in 1946.

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