UPDATED: How to respond to the UK Gene-Editing Consultation before 17th March

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18th August 2020
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UPDATE: Our friends at both GM Freeze and Beyond GM have produced simple guides on how best to respond to the Government consultation. Use their information here or here to make your voice heard before the 17th March deadline.

It’s not been a good start to 2021 for biodynamic supporters of ecological regenerative agriculture.

Barely a week after leaving the EU, the UK Government broke its promise to maintain a ban on the bee killing neonicotinoid thiamethoxam pesticide, under pressure from the industrial farming lobby in the National Farmers’ Union. Read more here.

Now the Government has started a hasty public consultation on the deregulation of genome editing, open now and running for the next 10 weeks until 17th March, with the Environment Secretary, George Eustice, making it clear the Government is determined to see deregulation happen.

So it is vital that ordinary people respond to the consulation before 17th March. Have you say and tell the Government what you think.

You can read what our patron, Patrick Holden, thinks about the proposals to allow gene editing in the UK here.

And you can watch our recent webiner all about the new gene-editing technology here.

Then click here to view the Government’s consultation and give them your opinion.

(Don’t worry, the consultation is not very long, and consists of just two short parts with only a handful of questions in each).