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24th September 2019

Biodynamic Principles and Practices Webinar

Last month, Thea Maria Carlson, Executive Director of the Biodynamic Association in the USA, gave a great webinar on the principles and innovative practices of biodynamics […]
27th June 2019

Restoring Biodiversity on Apricot Lane Biodynamic Farm

Filmmaker John Chester’s family took on farm land that was treated poorly in the past, with chemical spraying that had killed almost all of the biodiversity, […]
19th June 2019

The Biggest Little Biodynamic Farm

Ever wondered what happens when you take a broken-down 200-acre property and set out to transform it into an incredibly lush and diverse biodynamic farm over […]
10th October 2018

Biodynamics for the Future – Wisdom Hub TV meet Weleda UK and discover a wealth of growing and business wisdom visited the Weleda gardens, to meet the Head Gardener, Claire Hattersley and the Managing Director, Jayn Sterland, to learn about biodynamic principles for plant and […]
22nd June 2017

Kiss the Ground – what is biodynamics?

What is biodynamics and why should you care? In 45 seconds! A video from Kiss the Ground.
16th May 2017

An inspiring vision for farming. Sebastian Parsons discusses community ownership of his family farm and the Biodynamic Land Trust

18th January 2017

The Alchemists – a film by Frigyes Fogel and Christopher Mann

THE ALCHEMISTS – trailer from Frigyes Fogel on Vimeo. The full video can be found at
14th July 2016

Hemsley + Hemsley visit Brambletye biodynamic farm

4th May 2016

Nurturing your garden with biodynamics

3rd May 2016

Monty Waldin on Biodynamic Wine

3rd May 2016

Introduction to Biodynamics

3rd May 2016

From Dawn to Dusk – Life on Tablehurst Farm

3rd May 2016

Yellow Barn Biodynamic Farm