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Biodynamic courses at Waltham Place Berks in 2019

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22nd June 2017

Waltham Place – Working with Nature

Organic and Biodynamic Gardening Course (Friday & Saturday Course) NOW Fully Booked – To register your interest for any future courses please contact Waltham or Tel 01628 825517 and leave your contact details.

NEW!  A Biodynamic Approach to Nutrition Saturday 23rd February 2019
Come and spend the day learning with biodynamic chef and author Wendy Cook.  The day will include a walk in the grounds and gardens of Waltham Place, followed by a morning lecture covering the evolution of consciousness and the culture of food and cooking through the ages. A lunch of our homegrown biodynamic produce will be served using recipes from Wendy’s cookbook “The Biodynamic Food & Cookbook”.
During the afternoon Wendy will teach us how to plan a balanced meal using biodynamic principles. The day will end with an open space for Questions and Answers.

Time: 10am – 4.15pm
Price: £30 to include a home produced biodynamic lunch and refreshments throughout the day.
Location: The Ormandy Centre, Waltham Place.
To Book this and the other course below: E: or Tel 01628 825517 

Other Courses:

Hedge laying at Waltham Place Saturday 26th January 2019 9.30am-4pm
Hedge laying has great conservational value and with the associated benefits to wildlife, it really is important to preserve and share this skill. In this one-day training session, Clive Leeke will cover the fundamentals of hedge laying, teaching all the necessary skills and techniques. This course is designed for absolute beginners wanting to learn, through to the more experienced hedge layer wanting to practice and improve. By the end of the day, you will have laid your own section of hedge, which will become a wildlife haven for years to come.
Price: £75 To include lunch and refreshments. £50 Student Rate
Meeting point: The Ormandy Centre, Waltham Place.

The Waltham Kitchen
Sometimes the simplest of foods are the most rewarding. Join our chef Adrian for a one day course to learn how to make your own delicious bread, or how to make scrumptious preserves, pickles, and cordials.

The Art of Preserving Wednesday 27th March 2019 9.30am-4pm
Explore the traditional skill of preserving with Waltham Place Chef, Adrian. Whether berries collected from the hedgerow or a glut of fruit or vegetables from your garden, Adrian will teach you how to make a range of jams,chutneys and fruit cordials.Perfect to give as gifts or to stock your own pantry.
Price:£55 To include a light organic lunch and refreshments
Meeting point: The Ormandy Centre, Waltham Place.

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Philosophy at Waltham – Working with Nature: 
Welcome to Waltham Place. As we invite you to explore its many different facets with us, we ask that you shift your paradigms; that you look at the gardens with a different eye, to be accepting of the less formal, less tidy look. I am a gardener of place, who seeks to work with the nature of the place, adapting and evolving to its ecology rather than producing a decorated garden. Natural gardening is all about your relationship with the garden and its evolution, using your knowledge of plant systems and families. We are staunch believers in all aspects of biodynamic/organic husbandry and in the holistic management of the estate. We seek to combine forces with nature rather than fighting against it, and to explore the boundaries between garden and nature. In doing so, we have created a haven to an abundance of insect and animal life, fungi and indigenous flora. This is our legacy, our investment in the future.  Strilli Oppenheimer