NEW! Biodynamic Wine Tasting Event. 5th Oct 2018, Waltham Place, Berks | Biodynamic Association

NEW! Biodynamic Wine Tasting Event. 5th Oct 2018, Waltham Place, Berks

NEW Seeing is believing – Biodynamic Open Gardens June to Sept 2018
11th June 2018
Saturday 23rd June 11am – 4pm Freeman Biodynamic Gardens, Sheffield
12th June 2018
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Philosophy at Waltham – Working with Nature:  Welcome to Waltham Place. As we invite you to explore its many different facets with us, we ask that you shift your paradigms; that you look at the gardens with a different eye, to be accepting of the less formal, less tidy look. I am a gardener of place, who seeks to work with the nature of the place, adapting and evolving to its ecology rather than producing a decorated garden. Natural gardening is all about your relationship with the garden and its evolution, using  your knowledge of plant systems and families. We are staunch believers in all aspects of biodynamic /  organic husbandry and in the holistic management of the estate. We seek to combine forces with nature rather than fighting against it, and to explore the boundaries between garden and nature. In doing so, we have created a haven to an abundance of insect and animal life, fungi and indigenous flora. This is our legacy, our investment in the future.  Strilli Oppenheimer

Biodynamic Wine Tasting Event – Friday 5th October 7.30pm-10pm
Have you ever bought a bottle of biodynamic wine? Grown with respect for the vines and the whole farm organism, biodynamic methods are being adopted by more and more vineyards who are looking for ways to make their wine production more sustainable. In France biodynamic certifications have risen by 10%-15% per year over the last 10 years- a sure sign that there is a market for wines produced in harmony with nature. With over 700 producers of biodynamic wine in the world it’s time to take a closer look and do some tasting! Join us for an evening of camaraderie, with plenty of wines to taste supplied by Berkshire’s own Vintage Roots.
Cost: £17.50 or £30 for two.
Booking essential / 01628 825517
Meeting point: Tearoom

Tour of Waltham’ – Wednesday’s up until  26th September 2018 at 11am or 2pm
Join one of our gardeners for a tour of the beautiful walled gardens, Kitchen Garden and woodlands. Groups are kept small to give visitors space and the opportunity to talk to the gardener and ask questions as you walk.
Cost: £5 per person to include a cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit.
Booking advisable / 01628 825517
Meeting point: Tearoom