Water as a Window on the realm of Life Workshops, Glos

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10th November 2016
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25th November 2016

Venue: The Old Mill House, Chalford Gloucestershire. Friday 2pm – Sunday 12.30pm

Dates: March 24th – 26th, April 28th- 30th, June 2nd – 4th 2017

Water in movement can behave in remarkable ways and simple experiments can reveal wonderful phenomena, Within the fluidity and elegance of harmonic flow archetypal forms arise which can also be seen in clouds, plant structures, bones, even in the stars. We will explore these experiences in a process structured to develop our understanding and unfold meaning .
Water is an amazing substance and just getting to know it better can be an interesting and enjoyable experience. The study can help develop an understanding of life in terms of organisms rather than mechanisms, and can stimulate creativity in art and craft as well as in horticulture and agriculture.

Cost: £150 including 3 home cooked meals with CSA vegetables and refreshments.

More information and bookings contact Ebb and Flow
01453 836060, email simon.charter@live.co.uk or write to Simon Charter, The Old Mill House, St Mary’s, Chalford, Nr Stroud GL6 8NX,

Simon Charter has been working with water since 1989 creating pond and wetland landscapes for their aesthetic value and also for water cleaning. He has designed several Flowform sculptures. Recently he focused his masters on moving water and education.

The Old Mill House has a 150 metre stretch of mill leat which is usually crystal clear . There is a spring, 2 turbines on the site, a large workshop for experiments , always dippers around somewhere and occasionally a flash of bright blue feathers catching the sunlight .