Year-long seed saving training course with the Seed Sovereignty Programme of the Gaia Foundation

Cut Flower Gardener – Heckfield Place, Hampshire
19th April 2022
Seeking Helpers for our 3 acre orchard, Bucks
22nd April 2022

The Gaia Foundation’s Seed Sovereignty Programme is offering an intermediate course in seed production for commercial growers

Online sessions Thurs eves for commercial Growers in Northern England

Running from April 2022 to March 2023 with 4 site visits

Course designed with seed saving experts: Hans Steenbergen, Founder of Stormy Hall Seeds, Co-founder & advisor to the Seed Coop Sue Stickland, Author of Back Garden Seed Saving Peter Brinch of We will connect with them online & during visits You will also connect to other northern seed savers

This course will be interactive and will include 4 site visits. It is aimed at providing a theoretical framework and practical experience to support you as you grow your own crop for seed this year. It will include an annual cycle of growing crops for seed, supported by detailed information from experts.

Theory & practise

30 hours over 6 eves online, plus 4 site visits.

Sliding scale fee £180-£75 Subsidised by Gaia Foundation’s seed sovereignty programme: Bursary places available

Thurs eves 6-9pm online (inc Q&A)

Thurs April 28th 6-9pm

Sat May 21st 11am-4pm Visit Lancaster Seed Library

Thurs June 23rd 6-9pm Visit Seed Coop

Sat July tbc Thurs Aug 18th 6-9pm

Thurs Sept 22nd 6-9pm

Sat Oct 8th 11am-4pm Visit Hans Steenbergen

Thurs Nov 17th 6-9pm

Thurs Dec 15th 6-9pm

March regional meet-up tbc

To apply please complete application form here.