10th August 2022

School Holiday Activity Book

If you would like your children to learn all about Biodynamics in a fun way, download our FREE activity book. It is packed with wonderful activities […]
24th May 2022

How do biodynamic practices restore soils?

By Farm Services Consultant Dan Powell Biodynamics offers a regenerative form of agriculture There’s a lot of talk these days about regeneration in Agriculture through reversing […]
12th May 2022

Looking After Your Mental Wellbeing: The Positive Impact of Gardening

By Rosie Buckley We all know that there is a strong connection between Nature and our general wellbeing, but there are many ways that you can […]
10th May 2022

Why the “Woo” can be good for you.

Why the “Woo” can be good for you by Mara Galeano Carraro We live in a world that is governed by targets and deadlines. A world […]
19th April 2022

Reflections from Hungary Lane over the years – A farm for the future 

From the Spring 2022 edition of the Star and Furrow (issue 137) By Dan Powell  I arrived at Hungary Lane Farm on a clear, chilly February […]
14th April 2022

The Oxford Real Farming Conference 2022 a review

The Oxford Real Farming Conference 2022 by LILLIE BELLAMY The Oxford Real Farming Conference is an annual gathering that brings together people working in and supporting […]
2nd March 2021

Sam Neill’s Biodynamic Wine, “soil health is extremely important to us.”

Sam Neill is another globasl superstar producing biodynamic wine, like Cameron Diaz and Sting. When not making Hollywood blockbusters, Neill is at home in New Zealand […]
24th October 2018

10 things worth knowing about biodynamic farming

Licensed in over 60 countries worldwide, biodynamic farming is a method of organic farming and gardening with a specific holistic and spiritual approach to growing food […]
20th August 2018

Agricology & Biodynamics: Information and resources.

Practical, sustainable farming, regardless of labels. Agricology is a growing community of farmers and researchers sharing knowledge to work towards more resource efficient, resilient and profitable […]
24th January 2017

Why cows have horns

There is hardly an animal organ which is so widely discussed as the cow horn. It is both fascinating and disturbing. Many cows no longer have […]