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Rudolf Steiner’s lectures began 90 years of research which continues today, and is practised worldwide across different climate zones.

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Considera collects and organises experiences from growers who have applied biodynamic or agrohomeopathic preparations. These experiences are available as a materia medica within which preparations are listed with the issues they address, and as a repertory within which issues are listed with the preparations that addresss them.

It also includes:
literature search with (currently) 785 relevant sources
discussion with over 1650 submissions over the last 17 years including about the preparationspeppering and planting by the stars
An extensive open source, searchable, filterable and fully referenced silo of the results of using the BD preparations 500501502, 503504505506507, two varieties of 508 (i and ii), the combined compost preparationsFladen/BCC and BD in total full of the experiences of individuals, authors and academic (paper reviewed or not) papers ... plus much more

Biodynamic Research References Portal

Here you can filter, sort, and search a collection of biodynamic research reference citations from around the world

Biodynamic Research - Sources and Network

Research in biodynamic agriculture and food takes place at the scientific level as well as the practical level – always connected to passionate researchers and farmer-researchers who have been triggered by a specific topic of investigation.

Biodynamic Research -Goethenum Sektion for Agriculture

Since the lectures on biodynamic agriculture given by Rudolf Steiner in Koberwitz in 1924, research and practice have developed in partnership.