Biodynamic Association Farm Services is a new service being offered in order to support those wishing to further Organic and Biodynamic related land work in the UK. 

Whether you are an old hand, new entrant or considering a move to biodynamic or organic certification, we are here to help

In response to a growing need for solidarity among the producer licensee community, we are offering support and technical know-how for farmers and growers who wish to convert their land to biodynamic and organic management. In addition to one-to-one assistance we aim to offer themed workshops and seminars on a range of themes and facilitate opportunities for licensees to meet and discuss around a common focus.  We also are able to offer a whole farm planning service for those who might be considering a transition to Biodynamics or Organics.

Dan Powell joined the Biodynamic Association team as Farm Services Development Manager in 2020. He has spent his whole adult life immersed in farming and the countryside, starting off as a farm apprentice nearly 40 years ago on a well-known Biodynamic Farm in Sussex. Since then, Dan has gained both practical and academic experience across Europe and the UK and on a diverse selection of farms, before moving into farm consultancy.