Who we are

The Biodynamic Association (BDA) is a charitable organisation founded in 1929 to foster and promote biodynamic farming and gardening in the UK. We give support and advice, publish our journal Star & Furrow, and organize regular workshops and conferences. We belong to the worldwide biodynamic movement, inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s Agriculture Lectures, given in 1924. Put simply, our aim is greater vitality for people and planet through more biodynamic acres, more biodynamic food, and more understanding of biodynamics.

Membership is open to everyone interested in biodynamics, whether or not they are practicing farmers or gardeners. The present subscription rate is £35 per annum for up to 2 members of the same household in the United Kingdom; £20 per annum for students, unwaged, and senior citizens; £40 for members in Europe; and £45 for all other countries.

We invite you to join our work by becoming a member.

Our contact details can be found here.

Our Roots in Anthroposophy

Biodynamics was first envisioned by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) in a series of lectures given in 1924. Since then biodynamics has spread and continued to develop worldwide. The Association keeps abreast of its developments in science, nutrition, education, health and social reform. It is linked to the Agricultural Section of the School of Spiritual Science (Switzerland) and affiliated as a group of the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain. It is also a full member of Demeter International.

Biodynamics worldwide

Biodynamics is an international movement, practiced widely in over 50 countries. Currently there are approx 5000 certified biodynamic farms worldwide, though the number of farms, smallholdings, vineyards, gardens and private gardeners practising biodynamic methods is much greater.

Demeter International

Demeter International is the body that sets the standards for certification. To join Demeter is to join a worldwide family of biodynamic organic farmers, growers, artisan food producers, and manufacturers. Demeter International is committed to developing its standards and promoting the Demeter brand; supporting its licensees; providing a resource base for Demeter certified ingredients etc.; and furthering the work of Biodynamics. Its headquarters are in Darmstadt, Germany.

Demeter is the only ecological association that has built up a network of individual certification organisations world-wide. The full scope of its work can be found here.


Biodynamic Association Executive

Biodynamic Association Council

Lynda Brown

Lynda is an award winning food writer, seasoned broadcaster, organic kitchen gardener, and author of several books, including The New Shopper's Guide To Organic Food, and BBC Gardeners’ World Vegetables for Small Gardens. A lifetime supporter of organic food, farming and gardening, and consumer organic advocate, she has been closely involved with the organic movement for over 20 years. Since joining the Biodynamic Association (BDA) Council as a co-optee in January 2016 she has been actively involved in creating BDA’s new website and Biodynamic Buzz e-newsletter, and overseeing promotion of the BDA through Social Media. She is delighted to be part of the BDA community and finds it both heart warming and immensely fulfilling. Her next task is to help nurture demand for biodynamic food, and where to buy it.

Sophie Christopher Bowes

Sophie Christopher Bowes is a life long supporter and passionate advocate for biodynamics. She trained as a teacher (Cert. Ed.) at Oxford Brookes University and spent several years delivering programmes on stress management and women's empowerment programmes to various organizations and companies. She is a former trustee of the Permaculture Association and founder member of an Architectural practice. She currently runs a property development company creating sustainable affordable homes.

Rachael O'Kelly

Rachael O'Kelly undertook the biodynamic apprenticeship training in 2008 at the ASHA centre in the Forest of Dean. She went on to run the garden as a educational and market garden. Previously a teacher, she strongly believes that connection to the land, the cycle of the seasons and our food is fundamental to our physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Sharing this through experiential learning is her passion. Currently a mother she is learning and experimenting with how best to feed and nourish her family with small scale, back garden biodynamic growing.

John Lister

John Lister trained in Anthropology and worked in the Venezuelan Amazonas researching the medicinal plants used by the indigenous peoples. In 1980 John set up Shipton Mill, and produces stone ground, organic and Biodynamic flours for artisan bakers throughout the UK. From the gardens surrounding the mill we produce vegetables for our staff, using Biodynamic practices that guide us and help us remain rooted in the landscape in which we live.

Beatrice Krehl

Beatrice Krehl trained in landscape architecture but worked most of her life in gardens because she preferred the direct contact with nature to the work in an office. Her deep affinity with nature and its cycles is rooted in the upbringing in the Swiss countryside. During the nine years as head gardener at Waltham Place she became passionate about Biodynamic practices and other methods to regenerate soil and producing good healthy food. Keen to share the collected knowledge about naturalistic gardening, holistic management and composting she gives talks and courses..

Liz Ellis

I first discovered biodynamics in 2001 while reading Secrets of the Soil. I immediately started gardening using biodynamic methods and saw the improvement in the quality of the soil and fruit I was growing.

I wanted other people to benefit from this method and together with Any and Paul Konig, formed a group to create a Show Garden at the 2004 Hampton Court Flower Show. Following the success of the garden I was asked to join the BDA Council and was a Trustee from 2005-2008. Sebastian Parsons was one of the sponsors of the garden as were Mrs Oppenheimer of Waltham Place and Weleda.

Sebastian and I then decided to produce a DVD called Biodynamic Gardening to explain the techniques. The DVD is still selling well through the BDA on line shop and at events. We were also involved in the creation of the Elysia Biodynamic Garden at Garden Organic - now in the process of being restored - and much of the filming for the DVD was done there.

I very much look forward to becoming a BDA trustee once again and will do all I can to promote knowledge of biodynamics.

Ian Bailey

Ian is former treasurer of the BDA and now manages the books and preparations.

Chris Stockdale (Chairman)

Chris Stockdale is Chairman of the Biodynamic Association Council. He also manages a small farm in Hereford


Patrick Holden

In Spring 2011 Patrick Holden CBE agreed to be Patron for the Biodynamic Association. He has a long association with biodynamics, having spent a year on the biodynamic course at Emerson College.

He was formerly the Director of the Soil Association; he is currently Director of the Sustainable Food Trust, which he founded in 2011.

Read more about Patrick here

Our family of organisations

Biodynamic Association Certification (BDA Cert)

BDA Certification is a department within the UK Biodynamic Association, and is responsible for the certification of UK producers and processors to organic and biodynamic (Demeter) standards.

It is a member of the International Biodynamic Association (IBDA) and Demeter International (DI). It is the IBDA, who owns the Demeter Trademark. This is administered by Demeter International, who licenses the Biodynamic Association in the UK to sub-license the use of the Trade Mark in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

The Trade Mark is used by all certified biodynamic producers in the UK and the Republic of Ireland is the guarantee to consumers that internationally recognised Demeter (biodynamic) standards are being followed. The standards cover production, processing, labelling, and trade, and apply in more than 50 countries. They are equivalent to, and in many cases higher than, EU organic standards.

BDA Certification
Painswick Inn
Gloucester Street
Tel: 01453 766296
Email: certification@biodynamic.org.uk

Biodynamic Land Trust (BDLT)

The Biodynamic Land Trust is a charitable community benefit society, established in 2011 to secure land for biodynamic farming, gardening and food production in the long term. We do this in many ways, including: gift and lease back, bequests, partnerships, community involvement and share offers.

It is directed by a small board of volunteer directors who are elected by members at Annual General Meetings. Members join by investing in withdrawable, non-profit shares. Both individuals and organisations can join, each member has one vote.

The BDA is the custodian trustee of the Biodynamic Land Trust.

Biodynamic Land Trust Ltd
Painswick Inn
Gloucester Street
Tel: 01453 367233
Email: gabriel@biodynamiclandtrust.org.uk

Charity XT33649, Community Benefit Society, registration number 31448R

The Biodynamic Agriculture College

Our centre for biodynamic education, set up in 2010, organizes distant learning courses, and a 2 year work –based Ofqual accredited diploma in biodynamic farming and gardening.

Tel: 01453 766296
Email: info@bdacollege.org.uk

Registered company 07338516; charity no 1141825

Seed Co-operative

The Biodynamic Association has been instrumental in bringing about the Seed Co-operative, which is dedicated to ensuring a resilient and sustainable food future through seeds. Open pollinated seeds adapt to their local conditions and changes in climate through natural processes due to inherent genetic biodiversity.

We work in three main themes:

  • Producing biodynamic and organic vegetable, herb and flower seed, and developing a network of seed growers.
  • Breeding new varieties of vegetable seed for organic and biodynamic farming.
  • Sharing knowledge and skills about seed saving, plant breeding and the importance of seed and food sovereignty.

Seed Co-operative is the trading name of Biodynamic and Organic Plant Breeding and Seeds Ltd, which is registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 as a Community Benefit Society. The BDA is a custodian trustee of the Seed Co-operative.

Seed Co-operative
Gosberton Bank Nursery
Gosberton Bank
Spalding, Lincs
PE11 4PB
Tel: 01775 840592
Email: davidprice@seedcooperative.org.uk

Community Benefit Society, registration number 7013

Affiliated organisations

We are pleased to be affiliated with:


GM Freeze

Conserving the Great Blue


A huge thanks to our loyal publishers, authors and photographers who have allowed us to explain and illustrate biodynamics with their inspiring photographs and work

Will Heap; for photos from Biodynamics in Practice, published by Rudolf Steiner Press.

Tessa Traeger; for photos from Fern Verrow, published by Quadrille.

Dorling Kindersley; for photos from DK Biodynamic Gardening.

Jenny Zarins, for photos in Eat Right, published by Kyle Books.

All these books can be purchased in our online shop.

Individual photo credits


Misty cow: Eat Right © Kyle Books / Jenny Zarins


Pumpkins: © Richard Swann
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Group gardening: © Richard Swann
Vineyard: © Monty Waldin
Horns in wheelbarrow: © Richard Swann
Sheep in sunset: © Richard Swann
People talking: © Richard Swann
Elderflowers: Fern Verrow © Quadrille / Tessa Traeger


Gardeners composting: © Richard Swann
Shop scene: © Richard Swann
Bees in cells: © Heidi Herrmann
CSA Organic Health shop © Richard Swann


Vortex: © Richard Swann
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