Conference 2019: Jens-Otto Andersen

Programme and full details for Step – by – Step Biodynamic Gardening Workshops at Clervaux, NE England 2022
30th November 2017
Conference 2019: Aonghus Gordon
27th August 2019


Worked on biodynamic farms in Denmark and Norway during 1978-86. Educated as agronomist, and later as PhD in 2001. Worked in the Danish Demeter organisation as a control person 1994-2001. Co-founder of Biodynamic Research Association Denmark, focusing on the connection between farming systems, food quality and health. Co-author of a Danish research report on ‘Organic foods and human health’ in 2001. Co-founder of a European research group on biocrystallisation in 2001. Co-founder of the international research association Food Quality and Health (FQH; Author of ‘Vitality – from soil to stomach’ 2019.

Keynote Talk:  Vitality – from soil to stomach

The concept of vitality is very helpful in describing the potentially unique quality of biodynamic products, when communicating with consumers, farmers and decision makers. Internally, we should be able also to work more deeply with the connection between vitality and fundamental concepts such as the agricultural individuality, the protein dynamics and fruit formation of plants, and ultimately the human health.

Jens-Otto is also leading Sunday’s Themed Session:

Food Quality: Vitality and biodynamic food quality

How to improve and prove biodynamic product quality? The immediate improvement of biodynamic product quality includes an improvement of the biodynamic preparations, composting techniques etc. In a wider perspective, it may be argued that a quality improvement includes the possibility of the farmer to work within a community-supported farm context. Concerning the scientific proving of the quality, this includes e.g. the development of new methods reflecting life processes as a complement to the existing chemical analyses.