Patrick Holden, Patron of Biodynamic Association speaks at regenerative agriculture conference” Every Family Needs A Farmer: 3LM 4th November, Cumbria

Composting the biodynamic way – learn the techniques and tips to create your own “black gold” with biodynamic gardener Julie Moore
5th October 2016
Biodynamic Wines: A thirst for knowledge
28th October 2016

Join with farmers, consumers, and professionals from around-the-world to collaborate for the provision of quality meat, dairy, wool and leather.

As a member of the global Savory Network, 3LM are hosting a conference for British farmers, suppliers, retailers and consumers in order to lay the foundation for transforming the provision of meat, milk, wool and leather into a supply framework of producers and market partners looking to source truly regenerative products. [By “regenerative” we mean agricultural practices that regenerate soil.]

These supply ecosystems will create a market and production system for products that regenerate land and human health. Our vision is to be able to feed and clothe our communities with affordable products that promote human health, and regenerate soil, and make it possible for the producer to be economically viable without subsidies.

You will hear leaders in the regenerative agriculture movement speak, and then join the speakers in facilitated discussion about how to revolutionize how we produce and consume food and fibre. You will view exclusive documentary short-films that tell the stories of regenerative farmers managing holistically across the world.

You will also hear from some leading thinkers in the production and provision of Food, Fibre, Funding and Frameworks.

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