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On trend: appreciation of why cosmic forces / the natural rhythm of the planets produces quality wines
31st October 2016
Skin glow smoothie
10th November 2016
On trend: appreciation of why cosmic forces / the natural rhythm of the planets produces quality wines
31st October 2016
Skin glow smoothie
10th November 2016

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-14-43-14The bright orange Demeter logo is the international brand logo used worldwide for certified biodynamic products – including food, wine and beauty products. Its standards are generally recognized as being the most stringent (more so, in some cases, than other organic standards) and are designed to protect maximum vitality, use minimum processing aids and preservatives, and to protect the environment.

As the Demeter standards for personal care products state:
“ The aim is to produce cosmetics that consist of natural products which are beneficial to human skin and body, and have as few negative environmental consequences as possible”.

This means Demeter personal care products – skin & body care for women, men and babies, and cosmetics -are about as pure and natural as it’s possible to buy. Here’s why:
· ingredients from agricultural origin must be a minimum 90% certified biodynamic, and the remainder certified organic.
· Contain only natural ingredients and a small number of permitted additives & preservatives.
· No GMO’s
· Water – often a major ingredient in cosmetic products – should be of the highest quality: spring water, distilled water, or dynamised water is preferred.
· Stringent controls over the use of wild harvested ingredients.
· Raw materials from dead animals such as collagen are banned, as is testing on animals.
· The controversial use of nanoparticles is banned.
· Strict regulations govern the kinds of processing techniques allowed, packaging, energy use, handling of waste material, and biodegradability of products.

But this is only half the story. The ethos of biodynamics – it’s visionary holistic and spiritual approach to Nature and life – is also embedded in its standards, which means Demeter products are not only beautiful for you but for the world.

In this way, Demeter personal care products offer the ultimate feel good factor – true well-being . No wonder celebs such as Kylie, Kate Moss, and Cate Blanchett like them, and biodynamic beauty products are the hottest trend in American spas. If you’re after the ultimate holistic ‘crème de la crème’ beauty regime, Demeter is the one to try.

To get a feel of this great brand, click on to any of the websites below:

Where to buy Biodynamic Beauty
For a dedicated Demeter skin care company, Martina Gebhardt 
has received international acclaim for the quality of her products, and her dedication to working with natural ingredients the biodynamic way. Produced in a restored convent in Germany, they include skin care for men and women, and are available to buy in the UK from the online ethical skin care company Liv, based on a biodynamic farm near Worcester,

In the UK, two of the best known brands of natural skin care available on the high street, both founded on biodynamic principles and passionate about using ingredients farmed biodynamically, are:
Weleda and
Dr Hauschka

AEOS (Active Energised Organic Skincare) based on the biodynamic Shire Farm in Lincolnshire, produce lovingly created skin care products from biodynamically grown ingredients, and unique fragrances

Jurlique (available in Space NK), has its own biodynamically inspired farm in Australia.

Argital, an Italian company specializing in pure green clay products from Sicily, produce 2 specialist Demeter herbal skin oil lotions

For professional holistic hair care Oway use ingredients grown on their own Italian organic farm, Ortofficina, in Bologna

Read more about biodynamic skin care here:

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