First super-sized strawbale house on a biodynamic farm!

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27th October 2017
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8th January 2018

If you were a biodynamic farmer and wanted to build an eco house then using stawbales would suit very well.

Watch Peter Brown and his volunteer crew in action creating the west wall with super large bales on Tablehurst Farm, East Sussex.

Why use big bales?  Peter says….

“I want the bales to be load bearing to support the roof rather than having a wooden structure with straw bale infill. This can be done with small bales, but it felt like it would be much stronger and quicker with large bales, as well as better insulated. There is an extra cost for the width of the foundations and roof, which is the downside.The bales could easily support two or three stories and it would have been more economical to build such a house – next time!”