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A Biodynamic Manual, Pierre Masson
A Biodynamic Manual, Pierre Masson
10th March 2017
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Compost Preparations 1 set


Please note that all preparations are vatable at 20%

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Yarrow preparation is connected to the potassium and sulphur processes of the soil and helps draw in substances, finely distributed in the atmosphere and beyond to replenish soil grown tired through many years of cultivation.
Chamomile Preparation is connected with living calcium processes and helps to stabilize plant nutrients, dampens down excessive fermentation and invigorates plant growth.
Stinging Nettle Preparation has a relationship to iron. It develops sensitivity in the soil and helps to stabilize nitrogen.
Oak Bark Preparation is rich in calcium substance. It helps to ward off so-called plant diseases and fungal attacks.
Dandelion Preparation is connected with living silica processes, activates light influences in the soil and enables the interrelationships of nature to become fully effective.
Valerian Preparation has a strong affinity to the activity of phosphorous, provides a warmth blanket to the compost heap and earthworms love it.
These preparations are placed individually into a compost or manure pile. They then radiate their effects throughout the material. One set is sufficient to treat a heap up to 10’x4’x4′ On a windrow use 1 set every 8ft

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