Mausdorf Starter 100g
Mausdorf Starter – 100g
10th March 2017
Mausdorf Starter 400g
Mausdorf Starter – 400g
10th March 2017
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Mausdorf Starter – 200g


Please note that all preparations are vatable at 20% since Jan 4th 2011

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This is made from high quality cow manure with mineral rich basalt dust and egg shells added. It is prepared intensively with the biodynamic compost preparations. It helps to get humus forming processes active and can be used intensively on pastures, in the cow shed and in slurry pits to good effect.
Mausdorf Starter is imported from Germany. It is in dry powder form and can be stored for a long time only needing to be moistened to be effective.

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