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The Secrets of Bees: An Insider’s Guide to the Life of Honeybees, Michael Weiler, translated by David Heaf


  • A new edition of a classic book on the life of bees by Michael Weiler  –
  • Written by an expert beekeeper with over 25 years experience
  • Journey inside the beehive to discover how many bee hours it takes to make a jar of honey and what the honeybees’ dance really means
  • Poetic observations meet scientific detail to uncover the secret world of bees
  • Features a new introduction by Horst Kornberger, author of Global Hive

A fascinating look at the secret life of bees, from buzzing around the garden to the sticky knife in the honey jar.

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Bees make honey; we all know that. But what happens between the bee buzzing around our backyard, and the sticky knife in the jar, is a mystery to most of us.
How many bee-hours does it take to make just one jar of honey? What do the honeybees’ waggling dances really mean? Why do bees swarm? What is a ‘house bee’?

From exploring their life cycle and development, to revealing their societies and behavior, expert biodynamic beekeeper Michael Weiler answers these questions and many more.

Combining poetic observations with scientific detail, The Secrets of Bees uncovers the incredible world of these remarkable insects.

‘If you’re an experienced bee-keeper wishing to know your bees better, and more so if you’re one that likes to share the art of bee keeping with fellow human beings, then this little book shows how!! The writer, Co-director of the Demeter association in Germany, takes us by the hand on a wonderful journey through the beekeeping year.’
–Star and Furrow

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