Ralf Roessner

Hans Gunther Kern
6th September 2019
Gabriel Kaye & Nina de Winter
6th September 2019

Ralf is a passionate bee keeper who as a biodynamic gardener also grows and processes the light root. Organic and Demeter certified light root products are developed and marketed through his business IMTON GmbH. He has also been undertaking research into water as the carrier of life, for over 20 years.

As the father of two boys, now young men, he also tries to keep up with the times and as a former Waldorf school teacher, has a great interest for art and the history of art in all new educational approaches.

All of this touches on quite fundamental questions of his meditative and experimental research into the ‘subtle substantialities’ of a nutritional approach worthy of the future.

Publications: “Die Lichtwurzel”,  “Mysterien – Märchen”,  “Luana – ein Einweihungsmärchen”, “Betrachtungen zum Landwirtschaftlichen Kurs”,  “Der Bien”   Verlag Rosenblüt und Temple Lodge Publishing Ltd.