Red Cabbage, Apple & Juniper Kraut

Pumpkin Perfection
6th September 2020
Seasonal Tips
25th April 2019

Red cabbage, in season at the moment, is particularly beneficial as it contains significantly more protective antioxidants than white cabbage.

1k red cabbage
2 x Granny Smith apples (or similar)
20g salt
tablespoon juniper berries roughly ground in pestle & mortar
Very finely shred the red cabbage and place in a bowl.
Add the salt & massage the mixture until you have plenty of liquid.

Core the apples, finely chop & add to the cabbage with the juniper berries.

Pack into a wide-mouthed jar pushing down well. Ensure the vegetables are covered with liquid adding a little water if necessary.

Weigh down to keep the vegetables submerged, cover with a cloth.

Ferment in a warm place away from sunlight for 1 – 2 weeks. Check regularly to ensure the mixture stays submerged.

When it tastes to your liking, loosely fasten lid & store in a cool dry place. Unopened will last for at least 6 months.

Daphne Lambert Greencuisine Trust