Single Estate Biodynamic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Olivocracy

“Power of the Poo”
14th December 2016
EU scientists confirm eating organic food brings a variety of benefits for human health – we agree !
4th January 2017

Olivocracy – Strong Organic & Biodynamic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a precious single estate artisan olive oil, produced exclusively from organic & biodynamic olives on our estate in Umbria. In this area, the temperature leap between day and night in late summer and early autumn stimulates the olives to produce a lot of polyphenols to protect themselves, a marker of its inherent quality. The care we put into the farming, harvesting, crushing and bottling does the rest. The result is an olive oil of extremely low level of acidity (0,12 at the time of testing) and a very high level of polyphenols (442mg/l), qualities that translate into one word: excellence.

This prized olive oil is full of character, and has a strong, rich flavour with a peppery, pungent finish. It is an oil for savouring. To appreciate it at its best, we recommend using it, for example, to drizzle over cooked vegetables, soups, cooked beans, and bruschetta. It is also excellent with roasted meats. Olive oil is also well know for its health benefits.
Several studies show that a daily intake of 20 gr of extra virgin olive oil protects you from cardiovascular disease; heartening news!