Turbo-charged organics ! Ethical Hedonist journalist Alison Jane Reid, goes to Farmer’s market in London and praises Perry Court Farm’s “extra-ordinary” biodynamic produce

Addressing some questions asked by vegetarians and vegans about Biodynamic produce by Peter Brown, Director of the UK Biodynamic Association
26th July 2016
Seeds for Life: Open – pollinated seeds are the key to sustainabilty. Want some practical seed saving advice? Read on ..
24th August 2016

Best Stalls at the Oval Farmers Market.
Look out for the biodynamic vegetable, herb and fruit stall – the quality of the produce on offer from Perry Court Biodynamic Farm is just extraordinary, and the display deserves to win a beauty contest for the most luscious looking vegetables, strawberries, cherries, salad leaves and herbs. To find out more see www.agbrockman.co.uk



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