World’s No.1 Restaurant goes Biodynamic

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30th June 2020
Finding the Spirit in Agriculture: Report from the 2020 Biodynamic Agriculture Conference
4th July 2020

During the French lockdown, Mauro Colagreco chef of Mirazur, one of the world’s most highly regarded restaurants, took a step back and realized he didn’t like what he saw.

“We began to question everything” he says. “What type of society do we want to live in? What kind of world do we want to leave to our kids? How should we be eating? Consuming?’”

His solution was to completely overhaul the restaurant and create an entirely new menu centered around the pillars of biodynamic farming and the power of the moon and the stars: Universe Mirazur.

In biodynamic agriculture, plants are grown and harvested in accordance with the phases of the moon. Just as the moon’s gravitational pull can cause tides to rise and fall, the rhythms of the moon play an important role in the four parts of plant life: roots, leaves, fruits and flowers.

Universe Mirazur is supplied by five organic and biodynamic gardens in the Menton area of France that total about 12 acres.

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