Planning Your Biodynamic Garden (webinar series)

Climate Change, Deforestation, and enhancing Soil Fertility
15th April 2020
Vitality from Soil to Stomach
23rd April 2020

During the current coronavirus lockdown our USA colleagues in the American Biodynamic Association have seen the same interest to start a biodynamic home garden and grow food at home, as we have here in the UK. So like us, they have been busy putting more information online to help these new gardeners get started.

One of these new resources is ‘Microdynamics’ a great 4-part webinar series with Stewart Lundy looking at practical ways to implement biodynamics on the small garden scale.

You can watch their first Microdynamics webinar ‘Planning Your Biodynamic Garden’ here. The recorded sound is a bit poor in placs but it is definately worth sticking with it.

The second webinar in the series is here, and you can join the final two live on 28th April and 19th May (see details here) which are being offered by invited donation so that no one will be turned away for lack of funds at this difficult time.