3 Units of Horn Silica
Horn Silica – 3 Units
8th September 2023
5 Units of Horn Silica
Horn Silica – 5 Units
8th September 2023
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Horn Silica – 4 Units


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Horn Silica is finely ground quartz meal energized through spending the summer in the soil inside a cow horn. It is sprayed as a fine mist directly on to the growing plant at specific stages in its development. It helps to stabilize growth and plant metabolism and enhances qualitative development. It also benefits the ripening process in all kinds of crops.
One unit of horn manure (20mls) or one unit of horn silica (1ml) stirred in 10-15 liters (3gals) of water, is enough for one acre. For larger acreages proportionately less horn manure and more water can be used. Full instructions are sent with each order.

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