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A Lakota Approach to Biodynamics, Taking Life Seriously Devon Strong


  • A unique approach to biodynamic agriculture and animal husbandry, stemming from Native North American spirituality
  • A moving memoir and loving tribute to Devon Strong’s vision and inspiration
  • Collects all his published articles as well as his unfinished manuscript Taking Life Seriously

A moving memoir by a farmer who uniquely combined biodynamic techniques with traditional Native American spirituality.

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Devon Strong was a farmer and bison rancher in the Western United States whose utterly unique approach to biodynamic agriculture and animal husbandry, stemming as it did from his profound connection with the spirituality of the (Native North American) Lakota people, was just beginning to draw worldwide interest at the time of his early and unexpected death in late 2015.

Devon Strong twice led workshops and presentations at the Goetheanum in Switzerland on his merging of biodynamic practices with the traditional Lakota buffalo ceremony.

This book — which includes his unfinished manuscript Taking Life Seriously, all of his published articles, as well as reports and remembrances from both his own family and leading figures of the international biodynamic movement — is both Devon’s final word on the legacy of his singular way of relating to land and animals, and a loving tribute to his vision, inspiration, and intentions for the future of agriculture.

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