Biodynamic Cookbook, Wendy Cook
10th March 2017
Biodynamic Farming & Gardening Vol 2, E Pfeiffer
Biodynamic Farming & Gardening Vol 2, E Pfeiffer
10th March 2017
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The Biodynamic Farm – Agriculture in service of the earth and humanity, H Koepf


Herbert Koepf was led to pursue formal studies in agriculture as a result of his experience as a farmer. He received his Ph.D. from Germany’s leading agricultural university and later became the head of the School of Biodynamics and Earth Sciences at Emerson College in England. Dr. Koepf has lectured extensively in Europe, Canada, and the U.S. He is also the author of Research in Biodynamic Agriculture: Methods and Results (1993).

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Bankrupt farmers, erosion of topsoil, and poor food quality owing to pesticides, hormones, and other additivesthese are the well-known realities of the modern crisis in farming. This problem is the outcome of the limited vision of conventional methods and a system that focuses exclusively on quick results and profits. The need for changes is clear, and Koepf provides a vast array of research data and results, as well as many helpful details on animal feeding, crop rotation, diseases, pests, and fertilizing. He shows that the biodynamic method of farming and gardening is the alternative that can turn farming around.
Biodynamics is ‘the oldest alternative agricultural movement in the world.’ It is based on the concept of the whole farm as a single organism. Its goals are to protect and nurture the soil, improve the quality of food, and organically integrate the farm into the environment as a whole.
This is an essential reference for all farmers who are unsatisfied with conventional methods and for gardeners who wish to improve the quality of life around them as well as the food they serve their families.
This book demonstrates the practical feasibility of the biodynamic approach and is based on years of scientific research. Dr Koepf demonstrates how biodynamics protects and nurtures the soil, and improves food quality so that farmers, gardeners and consumers can live in harmony with the environment.

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