New Eyes for Plants, M Colquhoun
New Eyes for Plants, M Colquhoun
10th March 2017
Principles of Biodynamic Spray & Compost Preparations, M Klett
Principles of Biodynamic Spray & Compost Preparations, M Klett
10th March 2017
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Nutrition, R Hauschka


In an age of mass food production, Hauschka considers one of the most neglected aspects of nutrition—food quality. He discusses aspects of food that can be measured by conventional scientific means, as well as aspects that defy quantification by the usual methods. He relates these findings to a historical survey of food cultivation, preparation, and preservation, as well as to the question of today’s chemically treated foods.

In the present climate of food scares and concerns—BSE, foot and mouth disease, genetic modification, chemical poisoning, etc—Hauschka’s book takes on a new relevance, adding a significant contribution to the current debate. Also included are concise dietary suggestions by Dr Margarethe Hauschka for healthy as well as sick people.

This book is a companion volume to the author’s other work, The Nature of Substance.


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Today’s understanding of nutrition is based largely on physical, chemical considerations and analysis. Hauschka takes a radically different approach, viewing matter—and food in particular—as having a spiritual aspect. From this holistic perspective, he presents a new, practical approach to nutrition.

his classic work is the result of Dr Hauschka’s many years’ of research at the Ita Wegman Clinic in Arlesheim, Switzerland. Through active experimentation, Hauschka found fresh insight into the principles of digestion, which enabled him to evolve a system of nutrition suitable for the present day.

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