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Plays for the Festivals of the Year, Karl König


  • Brings together fourteen of König’s plays for the first time
  • Written for communities to perform together
  • A definitive reference work including commentary and photographs

Fourteen plays written for Camphill communities, to bring groups of people together.

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Karl König’s plays for the festivals of the year are arguably his most original creations. Written to be performed in Camphill communities, they show a deep understanding of the Christian festivals.

With one exception, all fourteen plays were written during the early years of the Camphill movement, and König’s hope was that their performance would help bring communities together. Not only is their content entertaining and informative, but the act of performing provides great benefits as social therapy.

Since then, the plays have been translated into many languages and performed in Camphill and other communities around the world.

This is the first time that the original texts of all the plays have been published together. They are presented with an introduction and commentary by series editor Richard Steel, alongside fascinating performance photographs.

Table of Contents

A play for Advent
Three plays for Christmas
A four-part Easter play: Maundy Thursday; Good Friday; Holy Saturday; Easter Sunday
Four plays between Ascension and Pentecost: The Evening in Emmaus; Quo vadis, Domine; The Book of Kells; The Cup of Zarathustra
A St John’s play
A Michaelmas play

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