Barrel Preparation - 1Kg
Barrel Preparation – 1Kg
10th March 2017
Three Kings Preparation (1 x 15g Set) Applied on Jan 6th each year.
Gardener Sized Three Kings Preparation 5cc – Applied on Jan 6th each year
22nd December 2020
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Three Kings Preparation (1 x 15g Set) Applied on Jan 6th each year.


A special preparation that is applied on Jan 6th (Three Kings Day) each year as a gift to the elemental world. Consisting of gold (D2), frankincense and myrrh. Please note these need to be ground to a fine powder, using a pestle and mortar for one hour then stirred in water again for one hour before applying. The grinding of the ingredients can be done on the 31st Dec – 11.30pm and 12.30am is the best time then mixed with water and glycerine to form a paste. It is then this paste which is added to the water on Jan 6th. Alternatively, the ingredients can be ground and then stirred all on Jan 6th (time needed 2 hours).

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Very different from the other preparations, the Three Kings Preparation was developed by Hugo Erbe, an early biodynamic farmer. It is sprayed on Three Kings Day (January 6th) as a gift to the elemental world. It also has a harmonising effect. A set of ingredients for making the preparation includes 15g each of gold (D2), frankincense and myrrh along with an instruction sheet and 25mls of glycerine. It is usually applied along the perimeter of a farm, garden or village and is sprayed out at 5m interval. One set is enough for 15km of boundary. A 10ha farm with a square boundary (if such a thing exists) will have a perimeter of about 4km.

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