Robin Snowdon, Marina O’Connell & Peter van Vliet

Franky van der Stok
6th September 2019
Hans Gunther Kern
6th September 2019

Robin Snowdon: Viticulturist, natural winemaker and partner in Limeburn Hill Demeter-certified vineyard near Bristol, previously a lecturer in landscape architecture and permaculture at Gloucestershire university. He is working with the biodynamic approach to deeply explore the relationship between landscape, sense of place and authentic wine. BDA Certification board member.

Marina O’Connell – BSc Horticulture, studied biodynamics and permaculture design. She brought both of these into her teaching in Sustainable Food production at Suffolk Agriculture College to HE level. She has more than 30 years’ experience and is developing the Demeter certified Huxhams Cross Farm.

Peter van Vliet – Biodynamic gardener and tutor, at High Riggs/Freeman Gardens, Freeman College, part of the Ruskin Mill Trust, with many decades of growing and teaching experience under his belt, now leading the biodynamic education programmes for Ruskin Mill.