Chamomile: keep calm and carry on….

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18th April 2019
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18th April 2019

Chamomylle… is very agreeing unto the nature of man and… is good against weariness… William Turner, herbalist 1551

We thought it would be fun to show you in an infographic how the biodynamic approach of seeing everything as interconnected, in a sustainable ‘closed-loop’ system, works for real. The strongly scented German chamomile, Matricaria recutita, used to make chamomile tea, and a key plant in biodynamics, is a good example of this. Known for centuries as the ‘physician’s herb’, it’s a wonderful plant for your garden with many uses, and is considered in biodynamics to help bring balance and harmony. It needs warmth to germinate, so is best started off in pots under a cloche, but seeds itself readily – which means you will always have chamomile for tea, too.

Image Lee Parish

To download ” A biodynamic cup of chamomile tea” as a pdf click here