The Three Kings’ Preparation – Gold – Frankincense –Myrrh: the ”Daily Life Elixir”

Feeding Britain for Climate, Nature & Health
22nd November 2022
Seasonal recipes from Greencuisine Trust – Healthy, delicious, and nutritious
6th December 2022
Feeding Britain for Climate, Nature & Health
22nd November 2022
Seasonal recipes from Greencuisine Trust – Healthy, delicious, and nutritious
6th December 2022

The Three Kings’ preparation was developed based on the observations of Hugo Erbe, a German biodynamic farmer, after the dropping of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Nuclear bombs and all the nuclear testing in the Pacific. He saw that it was as if a dark shadow had come upon the Earth and inhibited the proper interaction and working of the elements of Earth, Water, Air/Light and Fire.

All herbalists and healers were always aware of the need that these elements were in balance for people to be healthy.
Not only that, another element was added to the natural environment, namely that of radioactive fallout and radioactive chemical elements, which, as we now know, cause a distortion of the growth of the cellular tissue, called cancerous growth – undefined growth without obeying to the host organism and the individual forces at work.

Btw similar observations were made by the scientist and leading biodynamic pioneer, E.E. Pfeiffer, which prompted him to develop the barrel preparation, which I talked about recently, with Maria Thun. I thought you’d like to know more about this its ingredients and what’s its used for.

The Three Kings’ Preparation is made up of 3 precious substances:
GOLD is a symbol of wisdom and of intelligence.
It is an effective medicine for controlling some types of arthritis and severe skin diseases. These diseases are auto-immune diseases of a deformative and self -destructive nature. Gold is often related to the quality of the Sun, which conveys the light to bring definition and form into the plants; bringing light into the darkness and new life (observe plants in high altitudes and their fine differentiation of leaves).

FRANKINCENSE is a universal symbol for spiritual intuition.
Its resin not only protects the tree from its harsh rocky desert climate but also enables it to reconnect itself to the world of the stars and their positive cosmic growth forces. This quality is imparted to the plants when we apply it in the garden.  When introduced into the human body, frankincense strengthens milk production in the mother and when passing from the mother’s milk into the infant, it then helps to optimise the development of the young brain. In adults it optimises mental functioning, and has been shown to treat brain tumours and other cancers very successfully (Research 2009 Leicester University).

MYRRH is the symbol of dying, of death, the sacrifice of the earthly in order that the higher principles may come to life. It is comparable to the sacred use of sandalwood in India to invoke the highest principles of mindfulness to be transformed into compassionate action and service.

In biodynamics, we believe that we don’t just eat the physical elements of a plant, but also its life-giving substances, its qualities and the light information of the cosmic, universal intelligence and laws, which all together nourish all levels of our being.  This, I believe, makes these three additional preparations an indispensable trio to be used in the garden at this time of outer chaos, confusion and destruction of Nature’s living web.

Making and applying the preparation:
The three ingredients have to be pounded with mortar and pestle before being mixed and then stirred with warm rainwater.  ( NB with the gardeners sized Three Kings Preparation this part has been done for you.  All you need to do is warm the paste, mix it with the water and stir  / ” dynamise” for an hour)
For a garden (10x10m) you would need only the tip of a teaspoon of each of the three ingredients, sufficient glycerine to liquefy the resins, to then be able to stir the mix into roughly 2 litres of warm rainwater.

The preparation has been prepared since Hugo Erbe’s initiation of these preparations on New Year’s Eve and is spread on 6th January, the Festival of the Three Kings.  The preparation is spread around the boundaries of the farm, garden or parkland. The idea is to walk the boundaries with a bucket in one hand and a brush in the other, dipping the brush and every few steps flicking the preparation in an outward direction, away from the farm boundary, where it falls in a fine spray.

The Earth has been subjected to an  enormous amount of toxic substances, not to mention electromagnetic pollution,  I believe, it is essential to apply this preparation on a more frequent basis and rename this preparation and call it “daily life elixir’ for the regeneration of all natural species and our Mother Earth.

Let it be Christmas, New Year, Rosh Hashanah, Hanukkah, Muharramm, Day Out of Time, every day.

Happy Advent and Yuletide

Hans-Gunther – Biodynamic Gardening Club / Wholistic Living University