BD Gardening Club

6th May 2021

For Peat’s Sake…

Gardening without Peat  Developing alternatives to using peat is a top priority for all of us. We’ve put together the following guidelines and some useful links  to […]
22nd January 2020

Biodynamic Gardening Club Events 2021 – Tune into your inner gardener this Summer!

Our event programme is very special; the aim is to put together a fabulous day out for you to enjoy, meet fellow members, be inspired, eat […]
6th September 2020
credit Beyond GM

Opinion: new breed GMO’s – threat or promise?

“With the emergence of new genetic engineering techniques – or GMO 2.0 – new genetically engineered organisms can be created more cheaply, easily and quickly than […]
15th February 2021

Discover the wonderful world of biodynamic wine at Limeburn Hill

Sun 15th Aug 2021 2 – 5 pm Cost £30 including wine tastingBOOK YOUR PLACE easily online here Discover the wonderful world of biodynamic wine with […]
14th September 2020

Biodynamic Planting Calendar: optimal dates September-December 2020

The planting calendar indications are always optimal or ‘best chance’ for nutritional and keeping quality, pest and disease resistance, and tolerance of extreme weather. If this […]
6th September 2020

Autumn Reflections: seasonal tips and jobs

Hans – Gunther Kern shares his biodynamic insights on looking after your garden in autumn up to December. This is also the ideal season to make […]
12th May 2020

Seasonal Tips: June, July, August

Summer is a glorious time in the garden, a feast of delights, tender summer crops, and soft fruit galore. Practising biodynamic mindfulness and daily observation, together […]
6th March 2020

Seasonal Tips:March,April, May

What you sow you reap is our theme for spring  – investing time and energy in preparing, sowing and planting will bring you rich rewards for […]