BD Gardening Club

1st June 2022

Weekly Biodynamic Gardening Q & A sessions with Hans – Gunther Kern

Thurdays from  7.30pm – 9.00pm on Zoom Join Hans – Gunther and his online course participants for this lively, informative and fun session and get to […]
21st July 2021

The satisfaction of saving your own seeds

As we all know, it’s never been more important for gardeners to become champions of all aspects of biodiversity including our precious gene bank that resides […]
6th May 2021

For Peat’s Sake…

Gardening without Peat  Developing alternatives to using peat is a top priority for all of us. We’ve put together the following guidelines and some useful links  to […]
22nd January 2020

Biodynamic Gardening Club Events 2022 – Growing your biodynamic gardening know-how

Our event programme is very special; the aim is to put together a fabulous day out for you to enjoy, meet fellow members, be inspired, eat […]
6th September 2020

Opinion: new breed GMO’s – threat or promise?

“With the emergence of new genetic engineering techniques – or GMO 2.0 – new genetically engineered organisms can be created more cheaply, easily and quickly than […]
6th September 2020

Autumn Reflections: seasonal tips and jobs

Hans – Gunther Kern shares his biodynamic insights on looking after your garden in autumn up to December. This is also the ideal season to make […]
12th May 2020

Seasonal Tips: June, July, August

Summer is a glorious time in the garden, a feast of delights, tender summer crops, and soft fruit galore. Practising biodynamic mindfulness and daily observation, together […]
6th March 2020

Seasonal Tips:March,April, May

What you sow you reap is our theme for spring  – investing time and energy in preparing, sowing and planting will bring you rich rewards for […]