BD Gardening Club

26th July 2019

Seasonal Tips – Mid August to Mid October

We are coming up to the most prolific time of the year when the kitchen garden really comes into its own. We have collected a bumper […]
29th January 2020

Vitality in the Garden and Kitchen – Sat 10th July 2021

Waltham Place Biodynamic Estate and Gardens Church Hill, White Waltham SL6 3JH Book your place easily online HERE Vitality and maximum health – of soils, food, […]
29th January 2020

Weleda Insight Day  – Garden and Gardener’s Wellbeing

** Sadly we have had to postpone this Member’s Event at the Welelda Garden, due to measures that Weleda UK are understandably putting into place, in […]
22nd January 2020

Biodynamic Gardening Club Member Events 2021

Our event programme is very special; the aim is to put together a fabulous day out for you to enjoy, meet fellow members, be inspired, eat […]
6th May 2019

Biodynamic Gardening Club Resource Library

This is your living and growing library to support you on your biodynamic gardening journey.A one-stop shop where you can find all the information and advice […]
25th April 2019

Seasonal Tips

As days get longer & warmer, soils warm up, seeds germinate easily and plants grow fastest, making May and June one of the busiest times in […]
6th November 2019

Red Cabbage, Apple & Juniper Kraut

Red cabbage, in season at the moment, is particularly beneficial as it contains significantly more protective antioxidants than white cabbage. 1k red cabbage 2 x Granny […]
6th September 2020

Pumpkin Perfection

To celebrate their arrival , Daphne Lambert of Greencuisine Trust and supporting partner of the BDGC reveals the nutritional benefits of pumpkins and gives a selection […]